Launch Week 2022 | Reporting, Grouping, + Signals

Sachi Tyagi
January 18, 2022

Operations teams are comfortable being always-on and reactive. They act as organizational firefighters — constantly responding to something new, focusing all of their attention on the most urgent issue (or, the one with the largest flames). Where is the time to plan ahead, let alone, review the past?

With Avenue’s Reports, we empower teams to take back this time to analyze the state of their system and reflect. Reports capture a birds-eye view of Avenue’s core offering in an easily digestible way:

  1. Observe: Understand how built monitors are triggering signals and identify which are creating the most issues.

  2. Act: Know exactly what issues are happening and how people are taking action within and across teams.

  3. Improve:

    • Determine the current state of the team with the number of unassigned, in progress and resolved issues.

    • Analyze why certain issues recur frequently and find where things could be slipping between the cracks.

    • Leverage teammates productively.

    • Direct your attention effectively to where it is most required.

For more details on individual signals, from the first ever sent to the most recent, Ops teams can navigate to the Signals page. With search, they can quickly look up any issue and view its full history with the click of a button. Teams can also filter and group signals by their status, escalation, assignee, and monitor to get valuable information like all active issues or all issues assigned to a particular person.

Through this centralized record system of all issues in the organization, we seek to enable Operations teams to be reflective — learn from the past and use this to plan for a better and more prepared tomorrow. Let’s put out the fire before it even starts!

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