Launch Week 2022 | Alerting Conditions + Filters

Maayan Albert
January 21, 2022

As a part of our new and improved alerting conditions, Avenue now offers the ability to specify

  1. Whether you want to monitor a row being added, removed, or updated

  2. Which columns you’d like to monitor if you’re monitoring rows being updated

  3. What type of rows you’d like to monitor (via Row Filters)

These additional alert customizations unlock a number of new features.

  1. Alert definition: Selecting notifications based on rows being added, removed, or updated lets you define more specific alerts. For example, if you only want to observe churn, you can select “row removed”. Then, that monitor will only trigger when a customer leaves, avoiding the noise of other important but separate updates like new customers added or changes to existing customers.

  2. Column customization suggestions: Selecting which columns to monitor in your database query already exists. With the most recent product update, Avenue now provides a set of options based on your data view so you can simply select the columns you want instead of typing them in manually.

  3. Filters: With Row Filters, users are able to set up more generic queries and then apply filters for specific use cases. For example, if you’d like to receive alerts on food orders over $250, you can set a price filter on your orders.

The new alerting conditions are now available in the Avenue app. Simply navigate to the “Set up the Alert” section of the monitor edit form and they’ll be listed for you!

Happy alerting :)


What is being released today?

Improved alerting conditions that better allow you to configure monitors with exactly the information you’d like to be alerted on.

Will existing monitors have these alerting conditions?

Yes! All existing monitors will now feature these alerting conditions when you go to edit them.

Will I be able to access the old alerting conditions?

At this moment, you won’t be able to access previous versions of the monitor edit form.

What types of monitors are these new alerting conditions availible on?

The new alerting conditions are only availible on monitors with “Alert” schedules. Webhooks and reports won’t feature these new alerting conditions.

How do I get access to start using Avenue at my company?

Sign-up today here!

Product Engineer