Fireside Chat with Mia Share's Director of Ops Molly Roberson

Arynne Wexler
May 10, 2022

Mia Share works with trade and technical schools across the country to provide affordable payment solutions for students. They build, manage, and fund custom tuition solutions for high quality trade and technical schools that prioritize student outcomes. Through their specialized software and human support, they facilitate custom Single Payments, Income Share Agreements (ISAs), Payment Plans and Hybrid structures. Mia Share gives more students the ability to pursue affordable, valuable education while helping partner schools improve enrollment, retention, and outcomes.

What are you responsible for at Mia Share?

I’m responsible for managing several teams, including Student Success, Content and Design, and Operations, where we have Avenue helping us. Part of that operations function includes overseeing the process of underwriting, creating contracts, making changes in the system, and so on.

A way to summarize being in charge of Operations is making sure that things go well across the board.

What are your biggest goals and operational challenges today?

My biggest goal is getting everything streamlined. Everything we do should be very organized and easy to use so the company can hit their larger goals.

The biggest challenge as a startup is that you’re growing rapidly. Not only does it mean your customer base is expanding quickly, but so is your internal team. Being able to train and onboard new employees properly and make sure everybody is on the same page is a really exciting challenge that we’re facing. Implementing Avenue has given me the ability to quickly set up alerts that we need and not rely on our tech team in order to get that done, both for customer facing alerts and employee onboarding. On that end, I’ve been using Avenue here to set up individualized alerts for new employees to help them get acquainted with different processes.

What is the broader goal of the company?

Our goal is to continue making education more accessible to students and to give them alternative options to traditional student loans.

What tools are you using?

In addition to Avenue, we’re using Notion and Asana to keep track of things, Zendesk for support, and HubSpot for sales.

What are you most excited for?

I’m most excited to do this in an innovative way. We don’t want the servicing of these payment products to be similar to servicing of the past. I’m really excited to find out how we can be successful in a more interesting and student-friendly way.

Advice for other Ops teams?

My advice would be to stay organized and think long term from the very beginning. Stay on top of your strategy and the overall goals you’re trying to hit, and don’t get lost in the day to day.

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