Fireside Chat with Jupiter's CEO & Co-Founder Chad Munroe

Arynne Wexler
April 27, 2022

Jupiter is a grocery automation service that takes care of the shopping, delivery, and meal-planning for its customers. Your mission control for food, Jupiter makes it easy to do your weekly shopping with personalized recommendations and delivery to your door. Their autopilot technology learns from your preferences to help you build your cart and spend less time planning and shopping each week.

What do you oversee at Jupiter?

I’m the Co-Founder & CEO of Jupiter. I’m involved in all of our teams, but my days are focused more specifically on Product.

What is your biggest goal?

Product distribution. It’s the most important thing to survive and build a company in today’s world if you’re an e-commerce, food distribution company. The first component of that is national expansion. The second is thinking about acquiring users more organically.

Another goal is when I think about Jupiter being a real network. All food creators should live within the e-commerce experience. If you see a video, you should be able to buy that meal. If we can embed Jupiter behind every piece of food content on the Internet, then we’ve really unlocked the next version of e-commerce. That’s the goal, and to get there quickly.

What tools or processes are you using today?

We’re structuring the company in a way where our systems are set up to scale. We have a support system that we have an outsourced company managing, so as those needs grow, it scales with them. The other part of scaling is making sure engineers feel happy and confident scaling on top of this system. We talk a lot about tech debt to ensure productivity is high.

What are you most excited for?

I’m really excited to see the results of some tests we’re running. What we’re doing is something the market hasn’t seen before.

Advice for other founders or people running Product/Ops teams?

Maintain a healthy amount of optimism. There is a lot of doubt, fear, and uncertainty in entrepreneurship. Optimism will pull you out of that uncertainty. Optimism is the oxygen for the team. If it’s gone, it’s hard to breathe. Build the house one brick at a time. As long as you keep learning and following the process, you’ll find the path.

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