How a digital pharmacy uses Avenue to power their operations command center

Caren Duane
February 23, 2023
Vitau is a digital pharmacy serving patients in Mexico since 2019. As a pharmacy and fulfillment center, the Vitau team is responsible for everything that happens to ensure that patients receive their medication on time. We spoke to Alejandro Lozano, Vitau’s COO, about how they use Avenue to power their operations command center.

We had no way to surface problems

As COO of an e-commerce business, Lozano needed to make the seams between the online and offline world less messy. Vitau had built their own Order Management System (ERP) so they had full traceability of their data, but lacked a pulse on business performance. They were stuck in reactive-mode. Before Avenue, Vitau was managing operations by blocking time on their calendars to constantly scan dashboards in Metabase and living in constant fear of the next ops fire. 

Avenue as the all-in-one command center for ops

Lozano needed to know when issues arose and who was accountable for fixing them. Let’s run through all the 3 types of monitors Vitau’s COO set up to have peace-of-mind and scale his operations team’s capacity 10X. 

🚨  Flagging: The "911" Monitor

there is an issue, alert the team ASAP

These monitors trigger alerts to operators and escalate to key decision makers that something is not working as expected. They detect and surface problems in real-time, such as:

  • payment failures

  • suspicious order activity 

  • failed deliveries 

  • long phone wait times

✅  Systems Check: The "All-Green?" Monitor

the engine is running as expected 

These monitors provide visibility across operations (fulfillment, payments, customer service, competition, pricing) to give Lozano assurance that the business is operating as expected. Vitau set up these monitors to signal when:

  • an order is placed

  • a new product is added to inventory

  • a customer needs to be called back

  • a competitor sells a product at a lower price

🏋️ Proactive Push: The "Above-and-Beyond" Monitor

you should do these things to maintain good business health

These monitors trigger proactive workstreams for the team and allows managers to monitor how long tasks take operators to complete. When a monitor fires, a member of Vitau’s ops team is assigned a task of :

  •  onboarding new customers

  •  conducting an inventory check-up

  •  renegotiating pricing with suppliers


We don’t have to search for operations issues anymore. Avenue surfaces problems for us and ensures they get resolved.

Vitau depends on Avenue to continually monitor for potential problems, flag and escalate issues to the proper people, and maintain a system of record for how they handle and manage these ops issues. “With Avenue as our supervisor we don’t have to seek out problems anymore,” says Lozano. Vitau has saved 10+ hours of operator time a week by eliminating “check for issues” meetings. 

Avenue has helped Vitau improve their operational performance throughout the company - increasing customer satisfaction, improving on-time deliveries, and reducing fraud

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