Avenue Launches Custom Actions in Zendesk

Maayan Albert
May 24, 2022

Avenue users can now automatically generate Zendesk tickets directly from Avenue.

Teams managing incident response should be able to focus on solving problems. With Avenue, users can automate the human coordination and documentation of that problem solving, including auto-creating and auto-populating Zendesk tickets. Easily execute your team’s full response playbook by including this in your workflows.

Skip the manual work and focus on handling the emergency - we’ll handle the rest.

To use this custom mapping tool, simply navigate to the Monitors page > Create Monitor, and select “Zendesk” as the Notification Type. From there you can map the Monitor results to Zendesk fields.

Happy Monitoring! 🚀


What is being released today?

Custom actions with Zendesk

Does Avenue intend to roll out support for more third party APIs?

Yes! Stay tuned for a few more and check your Avenue workspace’s settings for a sneak peak.

What kind of content can be placed in the mappings?

Users can inject data from their monitor runs as well as hard coded content.

Where can I sign-up?

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