Avenue Launches Signal Views

Maayan Albert
July 22, 2022

Avenue now offers Signal Views, making it easy to save filtered views of signals and share them across your team.

Avenue's Signals page is your team's control center to all the Signals that have fired from Avenue. Currently, you can use the Signals page to filter and group by everything from Monitor and Assignee to Time to Resolution, Date, and more. However, as we saw more complex combinations of filters, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of each view or easily switch between them. Now, with today's release, you can save custom views as Signal Views and access them from a dropdown in the Signals section of the sidebar.

To create a Signal View, simply:

  • Navigate to the Signals page

  • Apply your preferred filters

  • Click the “Create New Signal View” button on the bottom-right


What is being released today?

Save-able Signal Views as an extension of the Signals Page.

Can I update a Signal View after it’s been created?

Yes! In order to do so, simply click the “Update” button on the right hand side of the Signal View Page.

What gets saved in a Signals View?

All filters and the group by setting.

Will changing the filters/group by on a Signals View Page change the View itself?

No. Like the default signals change, those updates are only stored locally. To reset it to the currently saved Signals View, simply click the Reset button.

Where can I access these Signal Views?

You can access them from the side bar within the “Signals” dropdown.

Where can I sign-up?

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