Avenue Launches Playbook Forms

Paul Noble
November 18, 2022


Operations teams almost entirely find work to be done in one of two ways:

  1. Scanning and refreshing a series of spreadsheets, dashboards, and internal tools, searching for a possible issue to flag and solve

  2. A fire-storm that immediately requires their attention and focus

Avenue has historically solved for the first use case - giving Operations teams their time back so they can spend more time solving vs. searching. Today, with the rollout of Forms, we’re excited to start supporting Ops teams beyond proactively monitoring on their behalf and support them in manually-triggered Playbooks and Workflows.


Avenue Forms introduces a new paradigm to the Avenue Alerting ecosystem. Our customers currently use Avenue to passively monitor their data warehouse. However, we've found that Operations data does not always start and stop with the data warehouse. Often operations data lives outside of your virtual ecosystem. That's why we've created Avenue Forms to give you a way to manage your internal operations on the fly!

Avenue Forms are flexible and can fit a wide variety of use cases. Internally, we use forms to surface feature requests and to help manage our customer support pipeline. Some of our forms-beta users have been adopting Avenue Forms to manage Delivery-Support (driver calls with a failed dropoff reason) or when their in-store staff have an issue to flag.

How to use Forms

  1. Navigate to the “Forms” section on the sidebar

  2. Create a new form using the drag and drop form editor

    1. Supported elements include text inputs, text areas, checkboxes, radio groups, dropdown selects, dropdown multi-selects, and markdown based visual components.

    2. Each of the input elements in your form must have a unique “dataId”. This field defines the data in a signal created from a form submission.

  3. Attach your form to a new or existing webhook monitor.

  4. Submit your form from your monitor’s details page in the Avenue App, or through Slack with the Avenue bot!


When can I get started with Avenue Forms? Avenue Forms is available now in your workspace. Go to the Forms sidebar item to get started.

How do I use Avenue Forms from Slack?

You can view and submit your Avenue form by triggering the Avenue Slack bot with a /avenue command or a message shortcut then select a webhook monitor with an attached form from the dropdown.

Can I send a link to an Avenue Form to my customers/non Avenue users?

Forms are currently only available to users logged into your Avenue workspace. We do, however, have plans to enable forms to be sent to non authenticated users in the near future.

How does this feature affect my current webhook monitors? All your current monitors will be unaffected by this change.

How do manually triggered Signals differ from the Signals we already get?

Signals generated from Avenue Forms work exactly like Signals created from your current monitors. The “row” returned in the Signal is a single instance of a form submission, where the “column” values are user submitted data. Column names in a returned submission are taken from your form elements “dataId” field.

What kind of form inputs does Avenue Forms support?

Avenue Forms currently supports text inputs, text areas, checkboxes, radio groups, dropdown selects, dropdown multi-selects, and markdown based visual components.

Does Avenue Forms support field level validation?

At the moment all fields are optional by default, but can be set as required. Custom field level validation is on the way!

Where can I sign-up?

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