Avenue Launches Mute Lists

Sachi Tyagi
February 15, 2022

At Avenue we empower Operations teams to direct their attention most effectively. Today, we have launched support to set up muting rules so teams can mute unwanted alerts, reduce any noise and focus on the issues that really matter.

Automated alerts can sometimes be noisy. If there is a known issue that Operations teams do not need to be notified of, automatic alerts triggered as a result of this issue are added noise and can distract from more critical, unknown issues. Now, with muting rules, teams have the power to prevent unnecessary alerting and filter out expected events on Avenue.

Teams will be able to define muting rules on an alert’s signal details page. They must select the value from the alert’s available dataset they would like to mute. They can also specify until when they’d like to mute this alert. Operation teams can use any alert, including past alerts, to set up muting rules immediately!


What is being released today?

Ability to set up rules that will mute specified alerts.

How do I mute an alert?

You can set up a muting rule for an alert on its signal details page. You will need to specify the time period this muting rule will be active and also which value from the alert’s data you would like to mute on.

How can I see all alerts that have been muted?

For a monitor, all muted alerts can be found on the monitor details page under Muted Signals. From this list, you can also click on any of the alerts to navigate to the details page and see why it was muted.

On the monitor details page, you can also see all muting rules currently defined for that monitor in the Mute List.

How do I unmute an alert?

You can unmute an alert from the alert’s details page — this will remove the muting rule associated with that alert. As a result, you will also unmute all other alerts that have been previously muted by this rule.

Alternatively, you can also remove the muting rule directly through the Mute List on the monitor details page.

If I unmute an alert, will I automatically be notified of this alert? No. To receive the notification that was previously muted, you must escalate the alert on the alert’s details page.

Can I manually trigger a notification of a muted alert?

At the moment, no. You can only escalate unmuted alerts.

What happens after a muting rule has “expired” i.e. it is past the time period specified to mute until? Avenue treats expiring rules like unmuting — the rule is removed. Thus, you will be notified of all new alerts that satisfy the rule. Alerts that were previously muted by this rule will still live on the Muted Signals tab in the monitor detail’s page.

How do I get access to start using Avenue at my company?

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