Avenue Launches In-App SQL Editor

Amol Patel
December 13, 2021

Today, Avenue is launching an in-app SQL client that allows you to write and format queries directly from the Signal Builder in Avenue. Users can now test-run their queries, see results, and any error output all within the Signal page.

Previously, when creating or editing a Signal, you had to copy and paste a query from your own SQL editor. This created a lot of friction and room for error when creating new Signals for your team.

With the in-app SQL client, you can now quickly develop and test queries when creating or editing Signals. You will also be able to format larger queries that can be hard to read. You no longer need to use your own SQL editor and manually copy and paste these queries into Avenue.

You can immediately take advantage of this new feature. It's live in-product, today!

What is being released today?

An interactive SQL editor to develop and test your queries.

Who is this feature for?

Ops members and Data engineers who write SQL queries when creating Signals.

How do I get access to start using Avenue at my company?

Sign-up today here!

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