Avenue Launches Import From DBT & Metabase

Amol Patel
August 22, 2022

Avenue has launched support for importing data models directly from Metabase and dbt. If you're already using Metabase for metrics collection and analysis, dbt for data transformation and enrichment, or both for a hybrid approach, then there is now a way to get your data from those tools into Avenue quickly and easily. These data models will be mapped to Data Views allowing users to create monitors and get alerted on mission critical events right away.


What Is Metabase?

Metabase is an open source software that provides an easy way to collect, store and visualize data. It allows you to build interactive dashboards from a variety of sources, including databases and marketplaces like Salesforce and Stripe. You can use these dashboards as part of your reporting process or share them with others within your organization so that everyone can see what's happening with their most important metrics.

What is dbt?

dbt is an open-source framework for running, testing and documenting SQL queries. It allows you to bring a software-engineering-style discipline to your data analysis work. It has many features that make it easier to use SQL queries in a well-documented way. dbt’s simple concept—understanding that SQL queries are software components—gives you a powerful way to bring software-engineering techniques to bear on your data analysis work.


Before the Metabase and dbt integrations, there was a time-consuming manual process that would have to be completed each time a new monitor was created in Avenue. You would have to copy queries from your Metabase instance or dbt manifest files, open up your Avenue workspace and manually paste these queries into the SQL editor when creating a Data View. This would cause a lot of back and forth between the tools and increase the time it took to create monitors on mission critical business events.


The new Metabase and dbt integrations into Avenue are not only a huge time saver for users, they also reduce potential errors by streamlining the process of creating, managing, and publishing Data Views. These integrations let users click on one button to import Metabase queries and dbt models directly into Avenue as Data Views. Importing from these sources will save a lot of valuable time for team members and reduce potential errors. People who might not know that much SQL can get up and running in Avenue quickly if they have access to Metabase or dbt.

To get started, click on the “Import” button on the Data Views tab.

Select Metabase or DBT


  1. Enter your credentials:

  2. Select your Metabase queries, select an ID column, and press “Import”!


  1. For DBT, drag and drop or upload your manifest file

  2. Select your DBT queries, select an ID column, and press “Import”!


Can I integrate with DBT cloud?

For now, we only support importing queries via manifest files. Please refer to the DBT documentation for more information on how to retrieve this file.

Can I edit an imported Data View?

In order to make sure your data models are in-sync with Metabase or DBT, you are currently unable to edit the Data View after it has been imported.

Do you store my Metabase credentials?

No! We will never store any of your credentials. The credentials are only used during import and are verified by Metabase.

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