Avenue Launches Escalations with Message

Sachi Tyagi
February 10, 2022

You can now escalate your Avenue issues with context, including any additional details to describe the issue, all directly on Slack.

When escalating an issue, it’s important to pass through additional relevant information, otherwise you risk escalations seeming not as urgent or getting the attention they may require. Without context, operations team members working on escalated issues have limited direction on what to do and may need time and follow-ups to get up to speed.

Now, with Avenue, you can avoid the back and forth by sharing all relevant information in the escalation itself, upfront. The message sent with your escalation will ensure it gets the required attention immediately and the escalation group next in line will be able to dive straight into the issue resolution.

Any issue sent on Slack can be escalated with a message right away — no further action is required. If you have not yet integrated Slack, you can do so under your Settings on Avenue to take advantage of this new feature!


What is being released today?

Support to escalate an issue with additional context via Slack.

How will I know if an issue I am notified of is an escalation?

Escalated issues have a banner around them that indicate it was escalated. For example:

How do I escalate an issue on Slack?

To escalate an issue on Slack, you can click on the Escalate button in the Slack message. You will then be prompted to confirm your escalation and optionally include a message.

How will I be able to see an issue’s escalations?

At any point, you will be able to see any escalations along with the full lifecycle of the issue in the activity log on the Issue Details page. If the issue has been escalated, you will see who escalated it, when was it escalated, who was it sent to and finally, what was the message sent with it, for each escalation.

How do I get access to start using Avenue at my company?

Sign-up today here!

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