Avenue Adds Role Based Access

Sam Sokolin
April 4, 2022

Today we're launching role-based access controls in Avenue. Now organizations can assign permissions according to the different user types, all within their Avenue workspace.

A user can fall into one of three roles:

  • Admins can oversee their Avenue workspace and can modify other users’ permissions

  • Creators can create and edit monitors and data views, querying data directly

  • Members can receive and respond to alerts, ensuring the company’s healthy operations at all times

The end result is a more focused and customized experience for all Avenue users, and a more secure application for all Avenue customers.


What is being released today?

The ability to assign access permissions for different types of Avenue users.

What are the different roles available in the Avenue app?

Avenue currently supports Admin, Creator, and Member roles.

Who can modify user roles?

Only Admin users can modify user roles.

What can each role do?

  • Members can:

    • Review and mute existing monitors

    • Resolve and escalate any alerts

    • Edit their own user settings (such as their default notification destination)

  • Creators can do everything that Members can, as well as:

    • Create, update, and delete:

      • Monitor drafts and monitors

      • Entity groups and entities

      • Teams and team members

    • Add new integrations (e.g. Slack, Customer.io)

    • Run queries and view the data returned to a given monitor

  • Admins can do everything that Members and Creators can, as well as:

    • Create, update, and delete database connections

    • Modify other users’ roles

    • Remove users from the organization

    • Update the organization email domain whitelist (used to allow new users to join the organization)

    • Update other organization properties such as the the name

    • Make changes to organization billing preferences

What roles should I assign my teammates?

The rule of thumb for role assignment should be to give each member of your organization the minimum permissions required for them to execute their role. That is if you anticipate that Bob will only respond to alerts created by others, make him a Member. Likewise, if you’d like Alice to be responsible for creating new alerts, make her a Creator!

How do I change my (or my teammates’) role(s)?

Navigate to the Teams page in the Avenue app and click on the pencil icon to open the editing pane for a given organization member:

This will open a pop-up where you can edit the selected user’s role:

After confirming your selection, the updated user’s role will be reflected in the Teams page and the next time they log into the Avenue app.

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