Avenue Launches Advanced Issue Details: All Context and Action in One Place

Justin Bleuel
November 29, 2021

Today Avenue announces the launch of Advanced Issue Details: a new look into the activity (past or current) of a Signal. Advanced Issue Details gives customers the ability to see the signal information, assignment, active status, and related conversation (and emoji-replies) of an alert, pulled from Slack. From the Issue Details page, customers can:

  1. See an enhanced view of the alert/report that triggered the Signal

  2. Edit a process' status and assignee

  3. Escalate the process

  4. View the Slack comment history for that Signal

Solving an incident is rarely straightforward. A single issue can get sent around to multiple stakeholders, go through many stages until it's fully resolved, and need lots of additional pieces of information. As a member of a larger team, it can be hard to keep track of all of this, especially if you're dealing with multiple issues at once.

Now, this history is compiled in a single page on the Avenue app. This allows users to easily familiarize themselves with the state of the incident without having to dig around on Slack/Email/etc. Once users are caught up, they can action upon the item from this page directly without having to go back to the secondary app where they initially received a notification.

Advanced Issue Details is now available to all Avenue users. To access it:

  1. Select a Signal from the dashboard

  2. Click any Signal Run from the list

  3. Explore the Advanced Details


What is being released today?

A new page that compiles information about an issue in a single place and allows users to action upon that issue directly from Avenue.

Who is this feature for?

Avenue users that work within the context of larger teams and may be dealing with incidents that get passed around to multiple stakeholders.

What kinds of comments are included in the comment section of the page?

Right now, only replies and reactions to an alert/report sent via Slack are added to the comments section. However, Email and WhatsApp replies may be added at a later date.

Do existing signal runs get an Advanced Issue Details view?

Yes, but they may not have a full history of all of the comments that have been sent.

Do I need to do anything special to start recording comments?

Yes! For comments to record correctly, please re-install the Slack app in the Profile > Settings section of Avenue.

How do I get access to start using Avenue at my company?

Sign-up today here!

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